It’s a savage world, pike eats pike…
Those are the rules of the game.
The Action Pike is the most realistic pike swimbait ever made!
Jerk it or simply retrieve it will be always lethal for big mamas!
Try it with the Action Pike Rig, simply apply a lead with a split-ring and use it vertical or deep water fishing!
Big pike are a guarantee!

• 3D realistic pike body, high resistance ABS construction, over 80 lb tested.
• 3D painting process + handpainting.
• Ultra realistic 3D pike eyes, gold and silver foil finishes.
• XXXstrong split rings.
• Extra sharp and XXXstrong 3/0 trebles.
• High resistance soft fins.
• Interchangeable high resistance soft tail.
• Life-like swimming action, combining the dying pike action to the S-Swimming action.
• Moderate sink action.
• 122gr