The most technologically advanced soft lures in the world
With the classic pvc lures you were forced to buy dozens and dozens packets every time, the classic PVC breaks at every bite or strike.
Are you tired throwing away your soft bait and your money at every change of rigging?
Fishaction has the right answer to your needs!
All our softbait products are made in Everlasting Formula, extremely soft and up to 50 times more resistant to cuts and brushes with attacking fish.
Thanks to its elasticity we can make really delicate rigging, inconceivable with PVC Lures which are easy to lose at first strike or bite. Its distinctive composition and density ensures they are buyoyant, making the lure a good ally in several presentations.
The standup position taken by the lures rigged on a jig head is amazing! We, anglers, know well how important it is to give more visibility to our lure because more visibility means more strikes. With our everlasting formula you can rig your soft bait even 100 times and every time your lure will be in perfect condition.
The advantages of an hard bait in a soft one. What’s else!